Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida) – 1000

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Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida)

Red Wigglers are excellent composting worms and a great choice for your own worm farm. Wigglers are top feeders making them the perfect option for multilevel worm farms.
These little critters can also assist you in catching a fish or two.

94 reviews for Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida) – 1000

  1. Thuthuka Mnyandu (Verified Customer)

    Good price

  2. Dave S. (Verified Customer)

  3. Stan Vincent (Verified Customer)

    Expectations surpassed

  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    My precioussss worms received this afternoon. All will live happily ever after in their new worm haven from today. Thank you for heathy and non traumatised worms received.

  5. Avi N. (Verified Customer)

  6. Zinhle Benhura (Verified Customer)

  7. Johann de Kock (Verified Customer)

  8. Bobby M. (Verified Customer)

    Great quality.

  9. Christian van Vuuren (Verified Customer)

  10. Gerry (Verified Customer)

  11. Marius Odendaal (Verified Customer)

    I was expecting a bit bigger worms, but I am totally happy

  12. Neil (Verified Customer)

  13. Gerhard W. (Verified Customer)

  14. Desme H. (Verified Customer)

  15. Laurence van Eyssen (Verified Customer)

    Decent pricing

  16. Alistair Dickson (Verified Customer)

    They where all alive & nicely packaged

  17. David Ackhurst (Verified Customer)

  18. Melvin (Verified Customer)

    First class service all the way….

  19. Pieter Loots (Verified Customer)

  20. chris groenewald (Verified Customer)

  21. Ken Schmidt (Verified Customer)

  22. Genevieve Lange (Verified Customer)

  23. Stephan Serfontein (Verified Customer)

  24. Andre Van der merwe (Verified Customer)

  25. ASTRID THERON (Verified Customer)

    My worms are fit fat and flourishing

  26. Johan Human (Verified Customer)

  27. Stephanie (Verified Customer)

  28. Gerrit (Verified Customer)

    Would have love some instructions on how toprepare bedding. There are so many opinions on youtube, dont know how accurate they are.

    • Biocast-SA (store manager)

      Good Day Gerrit, thank you for your review. We just sent you an email to help you out on setting-up your worms 🙂

  29. Gustav Gobey (Verified Customer)

  30. Michael De Wet (Verified Customer)

  31. Koos (Verified Customer)

    Still small but happy with product

  32. Jacobus (Verified Customer)

    Wurms was delivered safely and healthy state

  33. Jamie Bloem (Verified Customer)

  34. Hannes Vorster (Verified Customer)

    Worms very busy

  35. Jacques (Verified Customer)

  36. Justin L. (Verified Customer)

  37. Beverly Grosse (Verified Customer)

  38. Deon de Swardt (Verified Customer)

  39. SHIRLEY LONGMOOR (Verified Customer)

  40. Bron Peake (Verified Customer)

    I have no idea how you count these 😂Worms Hapoy in their new home.

  41. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  42. Gary Campbell (Verified Customer)

  43. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    The worms were well received and they were alive.

  44. Johan Swanepoel (Verified Customer)

  45. Dirk Steenkamp (Verified Customer)

  46. johan (Verified Customer)

    happy worms

  47. Lyle Wilson (Verified Customer)

  48. CAROLINE (Verified Customer)

    Prompt service, great packaging.

  49. Gordon A. (Verified Customer)

  50. Christine Swenson (Verified Customer)

  51. Tasniem Khan (Verified Customer)

  52. Mariska Papenfus (Verified Customer)

    Well, can’t count the wigglers, but I believe there’s a thousand. thank you. they all look very fat and healthy.

  53. Matthew (Verified Customer)

  54. Sanet Pretorius (Verified Customer)

  55. Suraj Sookdew (Verified Customer)

  56. Naeem G. (Verified Customer)

    Worms arrived alive, beautifully packaged and on-time.

  57. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  58. Louis Steyn (Verified Customer)

    Practical storage

  59. Jacques Liebenberg (Verified Customer)

  60. christiaan de bruin (Verified Customer)

  61. Andy S. (Verified Customer)

  62. Chris Edge (Verified Customer)

    All very young juveniles. I would have liked some older worms in the batch.

  63. Stephen (Verified Customer)

  64. Anel (Verified Customer)

  65. Surita Hugo (Verified Customer)

  66. Lydia Pearson (Verified Customer)

  67. Jason (Verified Customer)

  68. JD Reverchon (Verified Customer)

    Very fast service!!!

  69. Hannes (Verified Customer)

    Gesonde wurmpies

  70. Jeff Sing (Verified Customer)

  71. Darrel Goldswain (Verified Customer)

  72. Nelus (Verified Customer)

  73. Lewyllen De Jager (Verified Customer)

    Worms looked great

  74. Joanine Muller (Verified Customer)

    I will buy again !

  75. Jannes Drotskty (Verified Customer)

  76. Elmarie Badenhorst (Verified Customer)

  77. Nicky Van der vlies (Verified Customer)

  78. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    very satisfied

  79. Carol Swanepoel (Verified Customer)

  80. Theresa (Verified Customer)

    received in excellent condition and they are thriving in my worm bin.

  81. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  82. Hannes Erasmus (Verified Customer)

  83. Shannon (Verified Customer)

    Perfect as always

  84. Vernon van Rooyen (Verified Customer)

  85. Matthew L. (Verified Customer)

  86. Iain Thompson (Verified Customer)

  87. Paul Stewart (Verified Customer)

  88. Craig Wolhuter (Verified Customer)

  89. Hannes Vorster (Verified Customer)

  90. anand reddy (Verified Customer)

  91. Johan van Rooyen (Verified Customer)

    Thank you, I am overall very happy with your service

  92. Helga (Verified Customer)


  93. bastiaan heilbron (Verified Customer)

    All worms were alive

  94. Annemarie Doitchinov (Verified Customer)

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