Worm Castings 100L

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Main reasons to use worm castings :

  1. Boosts Growth – Provides nutrients that can help boost growth
  2. Soil aeration – The structure of worm castings is difficult to compact down like ordinary soil creating more airflow and in return makes plants grow faster
  3. Water retention – Worm castings are super absorbent retaining moisture much better than ordinary soil which could lead up to 50% water saving
  4. 100% Organic – Worm castings are completely natural containing no chemicals or pesticides
  5. No heavy metals – Red wiggler worms have the ability to absorb heavy metals during the vermiculture process
  6. Won’t burn plants – some chemical fertilizers tend to burn plants because of their high nitrogen content
  7. Natural pesticide – worm castings can help increase resistance to pests
  8. Increased yield – Many studies have shown an increase in crop yields by 25%
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100% Pure Worm Castings

2 reviews for Worm Castings 100L

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